Membership currently costs £15.00 per annum commencing on 1 August Most events are free, but we also charge for use of some kits (for example, we charge £1 per session for use of the Lego kits)

We have two classes of membership

Full Membership
Any persons within the area of benefit who support the objects of the Shed and whose application for membership are accepted by the committee; such members shall be called Full Members and shall be entitled to vote at meetings of the Shed. Each full member is entitled to one vote.

Those aged 18 and over shall be eligible to be nominated for election to be a trustee.

Associate Membership
Well-wishers anywhere or persons who, in the opinion of the trustees have special knowledge or experience to offer the Shed: such members shall be called Associate Members and shall NOT have the right to vote at meetings of the Shed.

Membership is open to all men over 18 but is predominately made up of those no longer in employment.

Membership is subject to our constitution which is available here. Constitution

You can download our membership form Here

Darlo Men Shed

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